Saturday, April 22, 2006

These are the days

a few weeks ago, in an attempt to boost the morale of my budding thespians, i brought my photo album for them to peruse so that they may see the dramas that i was involved in when i was doing my tesl.

those pics reminded me so much of the younger carefree days. at that time the only problem i had was when i was broke. ah, i was so innocent then. i was so into RnB music at that time that i'd be with my walkman everytime we're free... i discovered david edding's wittiness in his books, and i had friends who manja me ... yeah i was the baby...

so when i saw the the pics, i wonder where did the happy go lucky girl go? the answer - she grew up, and faced the reality of life. sometimes i long for the uncomplicated old days...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Victory and Wedding Feast

i was in KL last weekend for yaya's wedding. a few days before i went, dr carol called to inform that i could submit the dissertation on friday. that meant that i've graduated.that means i'll walk up the stage to receive my scroll in august. Victoire!

we went to the akad nikah ceremony at masjid shah alam...the couple were in white...although personally, i prefer an off-white or cream ensemble...yaya and his wife...hmmm... the wife is very petite...while yaya is taller and bigger.the next day was bersanding at the girl's side.

after the bersanding, gina asha and i went to klcc...i splurged on books, as a way of celebrating my victory. i bought jamie oliver's and delia smith's books, and one gabriel garcia marquez's book, girl with a pearl earring and katherine... some may think that it's an odd way to celebrate...hey, it's a cool way to celebrate especially if u happen to be a literature graduate who likes cooking.

i came back on sunday morning feeling fatigued because of lack of sleep...thanx to my busmates who were mostly college students who could still sms at 1am...i really hate the sms sounds...and i really hate the tet tet sound of the keypad eventhough it's on silent mode. yes i was grumpy. had a long sunday as i had to monitor the drama team. the competition was today. and it paid off. we became the champion of kuala terengganu southern district english drama...and will be competing in the state level soon. at least my nagging paid off...

Sunday, April 02, 2006


i'm in charge of the school's English drama this year, along with some other English teachers. the cast is a motley bunch of the veterans and the newbies. the script? too simple....

the other teachers cant comment much on the actors'/actresses' performances, but i was involved in a lot of English dramas...and being easily dissatisfied and that teacher's syndrome of being obsessive with correcting students, i tend to speak my mind. some of them are too stiff, as stiff as cardboard (i used to call 1 girl "the unbendable wooden plank" during my heyday as an actress in seri puteri's Shakespearean play, but then it's a different story), some think they know too much but they fail to see that they're still not perfect, some will be as goofy as ever despite their role as a gangster, some are just too emotional. all in all, i was very upset with their attitude that i just walked off from the school hall last week.

these students, i guess, didnt know the true meaning of being in a drama - and enjoying it. okay, granted, i hate the Shakespearean plays that i had to act when i was in Form 3 and 4, but i enjoyed the TESL dramas that i was involved in during those years in PPP. the most important thing is, we had fun. the tesl 4 had the talent for producing the most hilarious slapstick comedy, and i dare say that we're very talented and creative. i guess that's what made our dramas so memorable until i can still remember them even after more than 10 years. i can still remember blondie as the devil, with his supposedly evil laugh.... joe trying to find a good spot to die...pokcik and asmadi as the policemen trying to arrest the doctor from madras and then "rewinding" themselves in the process, the drama about Malay courting rituals, complete with the direct translation of the poems. try translating "2 3 kucing berlari". and then the drama about sultan melaka mangkat dijulang...with cromok as komeng with the habit of jerking his head to one side...

yes, it was our glorious days...i only wish those kids can learn from us so that they can become as happy and cheerful instead of becoming young grumpies.