Friday, October 28, 2011

From My New House

assalamualaikum, greetings from my new house! am logging in from my studyroom/guestroom, with all the books still tucked in the boxes and plastic bags strewn everywhere. yes, it's chaos in this room.

i haven't really unpacked my clothes, but i love my room - because it's all pink except for the furniture. like my friend daliey says, it's a "pink overload". i love my living and dining room too, it's what i've always visualised an English country decor to be. well, may be some wood panels and landscape paintings would do, but then it's a small house and i can't fit everything in. even then my contractor and the movers were shaking their heads when they saw the many boxes and the furniture. what can i say, i'm a hoarder. i can't imagine myself being a minimalist.

tomo and pixie were so shocked to be at a new place that the fat tomo actually flattened himself and crawled under the cage (and i thought it's impossible for a cat his size to do so). they were sniffing around on the first day, and last night while i was watching Princess' Man they were doing their routine of chasing each other. still, i can't get them to eat but that's normal for cats. as soon as they acclimatise and adapt themselves to a new place they'll be okay.

it was raining in the afternoon when i moved so the floor was cold. and my bare feet couldn't tolerate the coldness and i knew that i've to wear slippers at all times in the house. before this 3 people told me that there is no need for me to install the air conditioning unit. and now i believe them. 

it's still a bit strange to be in my own house as i was used to the house in ampang, but this is my house now, and insyaallah i'll have a good life here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Day in Ampang

i'm feeling very tired now. i'm listening to Bruno Mars' sappy It Will Rain and it augments my tiredness (i love the song, though, and it's an apt choice for Breaking Dawn OST). since after subuh i've been packing and transferring stuff - my Kitchen Aid, my books, and all the spices and herbs.

the newly mopped floors are no more clean as the workers have been working here and there so i guess tomorrow i've to mop it again. the contractors' sons helped me in hanging the paintings. it has to be done today or else the neighbours will complain tomorrow if they hear any drilling sound. i've to be at the house again at 2pm to monitor the astro technician installing the satellite dish and to wait for my new wing chair.

i've never liked moving actually. i'm a person who's used to routines, unlike what Salman Rushdie proposes and encourages in his books - "to be uprooted". i've grown comfortable here, with convenience just a few steps away despite the notorious traffic jam. but change is necessary, and insyaallah i'll be happy at the new place.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Countdown to Moving Day

September and October has been 2 busy months for me. i had to be the chief invigilator for PMR and on top of that i've to attend my nephew's and niece's weddings. and i'm also busy with the new house. 

at last, even before the final cheque was released, the previous owner decided to give me the house keys and immediately i called the people - the contractor, the curtain maker, the insect screen installer (there are a lot of mosquitoes around, and also it serves as a barrier for Miss Pixie Lompat and Mr Tomo Debab from venturing out). when i showed the contractor what's to be done, words couldn't express my excitement as i conjured up the image of my finished townhouse. i excitedly told him that i wanted the kitchen wall to be painted in saffron yellow and the kitchen cabinet in olive green as i want it to be a Tuscan kitchen. well, my hope was dashed as the contractor told me that because of the kitchen cabinet was solid wood and sealer was used to seal the original wood colour, the paint wouldn't last long. oh well, i decided to retain the kitchen cabinet colour.

then i totally went crazy when i went to the lighting shop. months back, i bought a chandelier for the dining room. this time i saw a wall light that really says me. i had to have it even though i know it doesn't serve any practical purpose in my bedroom. then i saw another wall light which reminds me of Lord of the Rings - it looks elfish to me. i got to have it. the contractor had a case of pening.but in the end the elf wall light stands perched outside my doorstep and i just love it. 

there's nothing white in my house except for the plaster ceiling. all the walls have been painted yellow, green and pink (duh!) so it's a reminiscent of children's crayons. my theme will generally be English country, but mine will not be the typical malaysianised Vantage style. 

apart from being busy with invigilating and attending my anak sedara's receptions, i've been transferring stuff to the new house - mostly because i've too many things (i'm a hoarder from a family of hoarders) so i've been transferring my fictions, my dinnerware sets, my pots and pans and my huge collection of cake pans. so if you ask me, i'm nervous that i can't get them all transferred in time. 

today the cleaner will come to clean the house. the insect screen will be installed and hopefully the contractor will have completed the tabletop that i want in the bathroom. 

i'm so excited!