Tuesday, May 16, 2006

teachers day

teachers day is here again. at school, it was a grand affair - the teachers had to walk the long walk with the students beating the kompang in front of us - until we were welcomed by dear students at the perdana square. there were the usual long boring speeches (which unfortunately, none of us listened to anyway), then there's the cake cutting ceremony, the release of the balloons and the pennant, some buah tangan fr the prefects and gifts from each class to its form teacher.

frankly, i've become cynical about the celebration. the students only know of this day as the day of no lessons. i wonder if they really know why they have to celebrate this day. it's like celebrating mother's day with a mother saying to the children "buy me some gifts because it's Mother's day and i'm your mother". that defeats the purpose, doesnt it? but then, children have to be taught to appreciate the very people who educate them. but all the same, how many of these students come to this realisation?

i dont really care for gifts, but i really value my students' well wishes, especially when i no longer teach them. the fact that they can still come and wish me tells me that they do appreciate me. today, some of the form 4 students did that although i no longer teach them. one of them who is now in TKC even called me from seremban just now. some from the drama team expressed their thanks, and one whom i taught literature in english as an extra spm subject called me up. it's this sincerity and genuine appreciation that matters

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Triumph and Defeat

i got mail from UM the other day. it was not a letter, but a card... a congratulatory note from the dean of arts fac. so i 've passed :o). they misspelt my name though.

last week, my drama team went to compete in the state level competition. sad to say, we only managed to get the 2nd place. my students were very upset. i understand their frustration. i spent many hours with them, so i've come to know this bunch very well. it pained me to see them suffering - some girls cried, my best actor didnt walk up the stage to receive his trophy, and they refused to take lunch at the school which hosted the competition (and won). for me, it wasnt about winning the title. it's about being able to guide these teenagers, to laugh and cry with them.