Monday, June 07, 2010

balik kampung

i hadnt returned to my hometown since the meeting with the magistrate regarding my late mother's property last year. i knew that i had to return to pay the quit rent and to settle some other matters. and so yesterday i returned to terengganu with mozie to accompany me. which is good, since it was an easy, no stress driving with plenty of fattening food to accompany us.

i had asked someone to clear the house compound, so it was nice to see no weeds and grasses around. it's hot here in terengganu, hotter than in KL. upon my arrival at the house gate, i saw Pak Wahab, my neighbour on my right (depends on which side you're looking it from), who immediately stopped his car when he saw my car. he looked the same although i hadnt seen him for two years.

the house was, as usual, dirty but still's good to be back, and i rummaged through my wardrobe to find kebaya that i couldn't fit in earlier (but now i can!). after meeting Pak Din (the neighbour who helped to clear the weeds) to pay him, mozie and i went to Teluk Ketapang to have ikan celup tepung. the place was more packed than usual. the tauke has expanded the sitting area and there's a tiled floor. i used to remember back in the late 90s, at its humble beginning, the shop only had dirty sand as its floor, a few plastic chairs and tables, and some village goats grazing the grass nearby. very rustic and rudimentary. how things have changed! there're a lot of out of town cars, a testament that the food is good. 

at night we went to see a few kain shops, and despite not wanting to spend it on another piece of fabric, i did!

today i hope to settle the things that i've to do.