Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it's that time again...

i hate the war of the posters. don't get me wrong, i'm not siding with any party. it's just that i do not think that there're any aesthetical values in hanging or sticking the same ol' reproductions. wouldnt it be nice if we have reproductions of monet or van gogh instead? at least we can admire the vibrant colours...

yes, what people will do for the sake of power. foucault has said knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. what he theorises is true, i guess, although the definition of power differs from one person to another. what i've discovered is that knowledge is powerful to those who has it, and wisdom is the end result. though in my case, i'm not as wise as those intelligentsia nor as wise as Gandalf or Belgarath or Dumbledore. but i cant help and sit back and feel a mixture of incredulity and amusement as i watch the pleibeian drama unfolds...

dear god, save me from this mayhem of facades!

Friday, February 15, 2008

happy singles awareness day

let's just say i never celebrated the tut! day. not even when i was in relationships. i'm a hopeless romantic at heart, but now i'm a cynic. why is it that because of one day, the price of a stalk of rose simply skyrockets? it's like what they used to say about roti canai during LIMA, which costs RM4 per piece.

thank god i listen to my cd in the car, so i didnt have to listen to sappy songs yesterday. there were some nice romantic movies on tv, but i think a bloody movie was more appropriate (haha). yesterday, i decided to eat out. and unfortunately i chose the wrong day to dine out, because there were couples, and couple, and more couples. even a young girl, probably 14-15 years old received a bouquet of flowers from her boyfriend.

as i was enjoying my pasta my masters coursemate kak non called to wish me. i told her i didnt want to be wished. and being kak non, she sighed and then began

"you know nora, i was supposed to have a romantic dinner with my husband, but he had to work so in the end i have to have dinner with my father in law". hmm talk about being married.

"kak non, what are you complaining about? you married the guy. that's romantic enough".

then she told me what rudy and jay jay did on the radio, declaring it's singles awareness day, and that they hung up on a girl who called in to dedicate a song to her bf....haha way to go!

later that night i wished my niece nana, who replied

"happy singles awareness day to you too".

and soon we were pouring our hearts out (or what gina might have called it as 'whining').

look, to all the couples, no offence, but it's not fair that you get to celebrate your "love" whilst we the singles get to sigh and watch while you're on cloud 9, getting roses and chocolates and god knows what else. just like the feminists fight for the rights of the women, or the intelligentsia and the postcolonial literary scholars fight for the rights of the colonised, we the singles also fight for our right. because we also deserve to celebrate ourselves.

happy singles awareness day.

Friday, February 08, 2008

my nephew the actor

during the school hols, my filipino sis in law mentioned to me that my nephew arshad zamir was involved in an independent movie, and i was thinking, wah.... an actor! i soon forgot about it until yesterday when my brother showed me the newspaper clipping of the movie Kurus. only that i'm quited amused that this is a story of budak kampung, and he looks more mixed than a real malay.

the movie will be aired on ntv7 either late this month or early march.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


when i first taught tok jiring students eons ago (god i feel as aged as gandalf or belgarath), i was very young, bursting with idealism, encouraging my students to go the extra mile. being a fresh new teacher, i was still new at managing the students in class, and most of the time, i behaved like them too.

but i'm proud to say that after 10 years, some of the students i taught have contacted me through friendster, and i've met some of them. some of them have been successful, some are doing okay, but the most important thing is that they remember. a girl that i taught invited me to her wedding, which i did go, and after 9 years, i met her, all grown up and now she's a wife. just a few hours ago, another boy (now a man! haha...makes me feel old) met me at home, bringing her fiancee'. we've contacted each other through emails, reading about each other's stories and learning about life in the process.

my heart is smiling.