Monday, May 02, 2011

Furniture Hunting

now that the legal process of getting the condo is on the way, i'm now on the hunt for furniture. no, i don't buy the run-off-the-mill and cookie cutter furniture, on the contrary, i like my furniture to be of character with an interesting story behind it. and why, do you ask, do i bother to do all this? because i intend to decorate my house in english country style and my kitchen, in tuscan style. now, before you say anything about english country furniture being ubiquitously sold everywhere in Malaysia, let me point out that most of the white or green furniture with country roses on them adopt the shabby chic concept, and not strictly an english country concept.

so anyway, what i did was, i hunt for second hand furniture. i don't mind buying second-hands, so long as they are durable and serve their purpose. this means that i've to find real wooden furniture - made of teak and rosewood. i've been lucky so far, as i purchased some reasonably priced but lovely items. hopefully my lucky streak will continue even after i've moved into the new house.