Sunday, August 05, 2012

Breaking the Fast with Friends

last week, I broke fast with some friends. one was with my Seri Puteri friends, and that was a nice one. Shidah and I went to Haslam near Tawakkal hospital and met with Yeen and Diani who were waiting for us at the other side of the road. and after hugging we made our way up to the air-conditioned room and started chatting. then came Milia and Mas (who I call Claire Daines, as she looks like the actress) and we started gossiping. yes we have been friends for so long, since our Form 1 hostel days of crying due to homesickness and white bedsheets and locker spotchecks. 

the food at Haslam was okay, if you don't like a long buffet spread that costs a bomb. it's just nice for a cosy buka puasa. we were there until 9.something, and a few minutes before we parted, June dropped by.

yesterday, my TESL friend Sazi came to buka puasa at the house, after postponing it last week. i made lemon meringue pie but the lemon curd was still runny and i had to do some adjustments. sedih. we went to pasar ramadhan in Taman Melawati. it was my first time there this year, and though it was exciting with some stalls selling novelty dishes like Chinese dumplings and Italian pastas, i realised that nothing beats homecooked dishes - because i bought nasi tomato and the ayam masak merah was too spicy and sweet. the nasi arab that i had for buka puasa was okay but it set me back by rm10 since the seller used extra long basmathi rice. 

oh well...

after this I've to start rummaging my fridge and think about what to cook for today.