Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Busy and Fruitful September and October

happy eid mubarrak everyone! i haven't blogged in here for awhile. been busy with food (as usual) and school. i've been transferred to the morning session now, to replace a teacher who's now on maternity leave. it's a lot more different in the morning session than in the afternoon session, because the students are not afraid of you anymore and don't even hesitate to do "mischiefs". 

well anyway, September and October is a very busy time for me. for one thing, my nephew Zhaffri and and niece Janna will be getting married (not to each other). so that means i'll be busy on 2 or 3 separate weekends. then, there is the Lembaga thingy which teachers are well aware of, so i'm busy running here and there attending briefings and doing stuff. and today, well, today aside from attending some open houses, i'll be receiving my condo keys! yay! buying a house isn't the same as inheriting a house (okay, duh!), so when you finally get the keys you can't help but feel that pride and satisfaction and then you smile, because you'll be paying for the house for at least a quarter of a century. after months of dealing with lawyers and the bank, you can stand back, look at the rooms and finally say "my very own sanctuary". yep, my house in the city.

i'll be seeing the contractor and the curtain maker tomorrow, and hopefully if everything works out okay, insyaallah i'll be moving to the new house in the third week of October, when all the hullabaloos will have died down. i'll be posting the pics to the new house if i have the chance.