Friday, October 28, 2011

From My New House

assalamualaikum, greetings from my new house! am logging in from my studyroom/guestroom, with all the books still tucked in the boxes and plastic bags strewn everywhere. yes, it's chaos in this room.

i haven't really unpacked my clothes, but i love my room - because it's all pink except for the furniture. like my friend daliey says, it's a "pink overload". i love my living and dining room too, it's what i've always visualised an English country decor to be. well, may be some wood panels and landscape paintings would do, but then it's a small house and i can't fit everything in. even then my contractor and the movers were shaking their heads when they saw the many boxes and the furniture. what can i say, i'm a hoarder. i can't imagine myself being a minimalist.

tomo and pixie were so shocked to be at a new place that the fat tomo actually flattened himself and crawled under the cage (and i thought it's impossible for a cat his size to do so). they were sniffing around on the first day, and last night while i was watching Princess' Man they were doing their routine of chasing each other. still, i can't get them to eat but that's normal for cats. as soon as they acclimatise and adapt themselves to a new place they'll be okay.

it was raining in the afternoon when i moved so the floor was cold. and my bare feet couldn't tolerate the coldness and i knew that i've to wear slippers at all times in the house. before this 3 people told me that there is no need for me to install the air conditioning unit. and now i believe them. 

it's still a bit strange to be in my own house as i was used to the house in ampang, but this is my house now, and insyaallah i'll have a good life here.


DeeDee said...

So nice la nora. Cantik sangat. And nope its not pink overload lah. Errrr but again i have yet to see the bedroom hehehe


DeeDee said...

Niceeeee cantik sangat nora
And its not pink overload pun
But againnnn i have yet to see ur bedroom. Hehe

rozana said...

Insya-ALLAH... Everything will be fine!!! Cantiknya rumah..Bila kami nak dtg minum2 nih he..he..