Friday, September 14, 2012

Will & Kate in Malaysia!

yes, many Malaysians are excited that the world's most beloved royal couple are in Malaysia. I, for one, am one of those, but I wasn't at KLCC nor was I invited to the tea party *sigh*. So I settled for just some photos that I saw on Yahoo news. 

Some might be perplexed as to why such a fascination over these royals. Last year, a teacher was amused to see that I went through a lot of hassle to watch the royal wedding live on the net. I told her, "you haven't met my sister who can name all the royals be it Malay or British".

So why such a fascination? may be it's because they are the closest we have to fairy tale figures. and let's face it, we need that dose of fairy tales once in awhile. and when one talks about Prince William, one will surely mention his most glamorous mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. I watched her wedding to Prince Charles way back in 1981 and I thought that fairy tales do come true. I was 8 then.

31 years later, i m still a hopeless romantic who believes in fairy tales, because Kate Middleton found her Prince Charming, and her Prince Charming put that famous sapphire engagement ring onto her finger...

okay so where's my Prince Charming?

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Shz said...

Kak nora! Been looking for you! L